Furnished rentals in
Syracuse, NY


Welcome to 109 Robert Dr, Syracuse NY — we are located in a quiet neighborhood and favored by university students and young working professionals.

This multi family home offers two separate apartment units, each with private entrances, common areas, and laundry machines on each floor.

First floor: Entrance through the front door.
Second floor: Entrance through the side door and up a stairwell.

We offer convenient parking, with a divided two lane driveway: the left lane for the first floor residents and the right lane for the second floor residents. Each lane accommodates two cars, complemented by ample free street parking.

As onsite landlords living in the basement unit, we ensure the property is well-maintained, handling lawn care, curbside trash collection, and snow removal. Our proximity allows us to swiftly address any maintenance issues or provide assistance when needed.

109 Robert Dr, Syracuse NY - Floor 1


$2,075 / month, includes all utilities

2 beds / 1 bath

currently unavailable

109 Robert Dr, Syracuse NY - Floor 2 


$900 / month per bedroom, includes all utilities

3 beds / 1 bath

Earliest available January 1, 2025


Fully furnished bedrooms

Fully equipped kitchen

Other features


109 Robert Dr, Syracuse NY 13210

Safe & quiet neighborhood. 

For those who do not have a car, there are lots of public transit or walking options!