Can I rent a room from X month to Y month? (FLOOR 2 - student housing)

We are looking to fill the rooms with semester-based leasing, meaning that leases should range from August through December and/or January through May. However, we are flexible with the start and end dates and if you do not occupy the room for a full month at the start and end, we do not require a full month's rent.
We have summer housing options, and as long there is availability we can absolutely work with lease terms that starts "early" (for example July through December) or ends "late" (for example January through June). Refer to SU's academic calendar for fall and spring semester start/end dates as those are the dates we aim to follow. If you have a specific date set in mind and are unsure if we can accommodate that, absolutely just ask and we'll let you know.

How far is the home from Syracuse University  /  what public transit options are available?

The home is about a mile from SU's main campus. You can walk to campus (30-40 minutes depending on building and shortcuts), or take a short ~8 minute walk to John A Lally Athletics Complex where several SU busses and trolleys make their stop before heading to campus. Google Maps is accurate so if you want to see the transit options, look up "109 Robert Dr, Syracuse NY 13210" on Google Maps and explore the transit options to Bird Library for example.

What is the parking situation?

There is a shared driveway that can hold 4 cars, and each floor/unit gets their own "lane". The left lane is for the first floor tenants and the right lane is for the second floor tenants. We ask that you work with other tenants on your floor to figure out a parking situation that works best with your schedules. There are also street parking which is plentiful and free. We are located on a side street, so only local traffic comes through and it is not a busy road.

How do we share the fridge / food pantry / laundry?

Each floor has their own kitchen and laundry machines, so you only have to share with other fellow tenants within your unit. For Floor 2 (student housing) the fridge and kitchen pantry is split and labeled by room, so everyone has their own dedicated shelf space to store food.

Are Syracuse winters really that bad  /  do I need snow tires?

The winter has actually been not that bad in the last few years, however it doesn't mean it will always stay mild. We get lots of lake effect snow and a couple blizzards every winter. The City of Syracuse has a huge fleet of snow plows so they do a really great job of clearing snow. We highly recommend snow tires if you expect to be car-dependent and be in the area for a few winters. However, if you won't be living in Syracuse long-term then winter tires may not be worth the cost, especially if you don't already have them (they are expensive! about $800 for a full set of tires and $100 each time you get them swapped out at the mechanic shop).

Where is the nearest grocery store?

Tops Friendly Market at 620 Nottingham Rd. It's about a 30 minutes walk or 4 minutes drive. There are also several grocery delivery services in the area too!

Do I need to buy cleaning supplies / basic necessities? (FLOOR 2 - student housing)

We provide all the basic necessities in bulk at the beginning of the semesters, and we are happy to restock as needed! These items include toilet paper, paper towels, various cleaning supplies, anti-bacterial wipes, soap, etc. The only thing you'll have to provide for yourself is laundry detergent.

Are all utilities included  /  what utilities are included?

Yes, all utilities are included - water, gas (heat), electric, and WiFi.

Who will I be sharing the space with? (FLOOR 2 - student housing)

It varies! If you are interested in a room and want to know who your potential housemates would be, we would be happy to give you a basic description of the person(s) that will be occupying the space during your time of stay. For privacy reasons we won't indulge too much information.

Can I meal prep  /  is it okay to cook all my meals and meal prep?

Yes, of course! Please be sure to clean up after yourselves in the kitchen - especially if you are renting a shared space.

Can I have friends over  /  Can my partner visit/sleep over for the weekend?

Yes of course! We just ask that you and your guests are respectful and considerate of other tenants in the home.

Can I have mail / packages / food delivered to the home?

Yes of course! For food deliveries you may need to specify "front door" or "side door" depending on which unit you live in. As for mail, the mailbox is mounted on the side of the house by the side door. Packages are typically delivered to either the front porch, or the side door. Whenever we collect mail and packages, we will always bring in everyone's mail and packages and leave them in the safely stored in the shared stairwell (and we ask that if you see a package outside the home that is not addressed to you, please bring it in and place it in the stairwell!)

Why does a unit / room say "unavailable"?

If one of our listings says "unavailable" it is either because 1. We have a long-term tenant occupying that space or 2. We have a month-to-month tenant occupying the space and the end date is unknown. If you are interested in an unavailable unit/room, you can just let us know and we can contact you once it becomes available!

Are pets allowed?

Due to the shared nature of the space, pets are not allowed. Service animals are of course welcome.

How do I sign a lease?

For convenience we do all lease signings via online e-sign. If you are interested in seeing a sample lease, let us know and we can send it to your email. We also book through Airbnb if you prefer that as well! Note that Airbnb comes with additional fees.

How do I pay my rent  /  What are the accepted rent payment options?

We accept checks, credit/debit cards (via tenant portal on DoorLoop), Venmo, Zelle, or cash.

What is DoorLoop?

DoorLoop is a property management software that we use at Square 1 Rentals. Every tenant gets a log-in and can view the lease terms, pay rent, or submit maintenance requests on DoorLoop.